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Fitness Floor

We offer both circuit and plate loaded machines designed to fit your weight training goals.

If you are looking for a low impact aerobic workout, try our many elliptical machines, try incumbent bike, or take a walk on a treadmill or jog on our indoor track.

Unlike other health clubs, you won't have to wait in line. We have more then 100 machines, so there are always plenty of choices.



Looking for a court to practice your basketball skills? Do you need a place to practice that volleyball spike? We have what you are looking for.




Resources to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Are You Drinking Enough Water?



Creating Exercise Habits


How to Choose Exercise Shoes


Train Your Brain


Group Fitness Classes

Click on the LesMills Logo for More Information.

With Les Mills you’re not just exercising, you’re joining in on something bigger than yourself – a revolution. You’ll fall in love with fitness as our passionate instructors and inspiring music tracks guide you through a huge variety of workouts that will change your life.

You’ll sweat, you’ll shout, you may even curse us, but you’ll leave feeling extraordinary. And tomorrow you’re likely to come back and do it all again.





Pilates will help you develop greater muscle strength and tone and lower your stress level. This is a great way to keep a lean body and even improve your skin and hair! The Club offers classes for beginners through advanced students. Contact Cathy 412-856-3930 ext.184


Tai Chi



Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice that uses slow fluid movements to ease sore joints and muscles.





Besides cleansing your mind, you will find that yoga improves many parts of the body. Our instructors will help you focus on important breathing and stretching techniques and after a few classes you’ll notice an increase in flexibility and cardio efficiency. Stop by to see our brand new Hot Yoga studio!!!





Try out one of our spinning classes. Intensity levels vary depending on the instructors choice of music and the tempo of the class.


Aqua Aerobics


Low to moderate aerobics in the water. Weights, buoyant dumbbells, ankle cuffs and noodles are often used. Great for individuals with lower back problems, bad knees and arthritis.

Questions? Contact us at 412-856-3930

Group Fitness Schedule

Manage your weight, produce endorphins, and make your heart stronger with a group fitness class. Take it easy with a low impact water aerobics session, spice it up with a fun dance class, step it up with a step class, or feel yourself getting stronger in a weight class.


Try one of our new Group Fitness classes!








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